Ayeola Ayodeji the creative director of Awizzy, home of website design,
artistic works, corporate design, paintings, drawing, sculptures,
graphics, animation, video editing, motion graphics.
Ayodeji’s years of studying art in the prestigious school of art,
design and printing (Yaba College of Technology) has refined his skills
and helped him develop his artistic ideology and unique style called rainism.

His powerful use of vertical strokes of brush creates the illusion of rain and
that defines his art movement called rainism.
Awizzy art influences range from Micheal angelo, davinci, edosa oguigo.
He is a member of “Dance with the masters”,”favorart” He has participated in
so many exhibitions, seminal and workshop,

No doubt the panoramic view of these tasteful works will feed your eyes endlessly
from a proposed view of five minutes that may last well over hours.

Awizzy aims to use technology, creativity and intelligence to help you build your business and brand in the digital medium.

click on http://www.ayeola.com, http://www.awizzy.net
to feed your eyes with more nice artworks of Ayeola Ayodeji Awizzy

ayodeji during outdoor painting

ayodeji during outdoor painting


  1. OND General Art,
  2. HND in Painting,
  3. Diploma in Website development,
  4. Diploma in Motion Graphics and multimedia,
  5. Diploma in Computer graphics.

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